Friday, 13 May 2011

Help us find Little Grey, before it is too late

The ongoing story of an abused and tortured horse that needs your help now:
A group of three men will abuse you, whip you and beat you until you are worked and beaten to exhaustion that you collapse, unable to stand, unable to walk, unable to shield yourself in anyway from their cruelty. They will not let you die,they will not let you rest from the brutality. When you find within your small tiny scarred body the strength to stand,they begin their onslaught again, laughing whilst they film what they do to you.

For you there is no peace, for you no one is there to stop them. For you there will only ever be pain and torture. Because you are a tiny, starved, beaten and abused horse on a farm in Romania.

All the while this is being filmed and seen as entertainment by your torturers. Over and over again, day by day what they do to you is filmed and uploaded to youtube by one of the men who goes under the name of adrian198921.

One film you being constantly whipped whilst pulling a cart,the men laughing and beating you. Scars from previous abuse can be seen on your frail skeleton frame.There is no escape from them:

Another film, even more sickening:
You are so exhausted, in so much pain that you collapse in the freezing snow. Your beaten and exhausted body can not take any more. You are then whipped more, this time across your face and neck over and over, 40 times in less than 30 seconds, you try so hard to turn your head away,only to have one of them litterally force your head back so hard that it might come away from your neck. The whipping and beating continues,all the while your torturers whip, beat and abuse you, and film this to later upload to youtube.

You are such a tiny and fragile little horse, on a remote farm in Romania. Your brave little soul must be in so much pain, no one to help you, no one to stop this cruelty. You live in a country that is part of the European Union,where they by law must abide by EU animal welfare laws. But this is Romania, the scurge of Europe.

Who will help you? Who will stop this cruelty, this torture? Who cares enough to be your voice, who has heard your screams and seen your pain, who will demand you are found, freed and your torturers arrested and charged?Who will do all they can to end this living hell for a tiny horse who so desperately needs to be found, who needs to know love?

Hold on little one, just a little longer.I know it is so very hard, and you have been so very brave. Someone has heard your screams,they have seen your pain and they will not allow this to continue.

That someone is the person right now reading this, whose heart broke when they saw the photos of you collapsed in the snow, whose soul screamed with anger when they watched you being beaten and whipped. That someone who is going to sign a petition that will trigger a message to be sent to the Romanian Government, Police and European Union demanding they find you, demanding they free you,demanding justice for what your abusers have done.

If you can, hold on little one, and soon, we pray that this petition and emails sent will bring someone to your rescue that will allow you to know love,care and freedom for the first time in your life.

Please visit our sister site for full details, petition links and ways you can help. Please, help us find Little Grey.

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