Sunday, 26 June 2011

1,000,000 is the magic number to force the European Commission to act, whether it wants to or not. Please read, sign and share

As you know there are many petitions around in regards to Romania and its barbaric cruelty to animals. One of these is attempting to gain 1,000,000 signatures. Now to many, and until I was flicking through an EU law book I was the same. The 1,000,000 may appear to be simply a huge goal that was set , because it was a huge number. As I have mentioned it was not until I was flicking through an Eu law book the other day, I actually realised the significance and the importance of this petition.

To many people in the UK and other parts of Europe, maybe the translation between its original format into English somehow lost its power as such. So I will briefly explain why it is so very important that you,your friends, anyone you can get to sign this petition does just that. Even if they never sign another one in their life time, they need to sign this one.

Unlike any other petition out there, this one will actually by European law forces/empowers the European Commission to interfere in member states law, even if it does not want to. This is the simplified reason why...

If by European law a majority percentage of citizens from one or various member states together disagree with a specific law made by a single member state country, the European commision has no choice but to intervene on behalf of that majority. If the member state country fails to rectify the law, to amend it in the way that the majority of the EU citizens want it to be amended etc. The commission, by European law will immediately implement financial sanctions against that country. Now, guess what number of EU citizens complaining/disagreeing with  a single law would force the European Commission into this action, whether it wants to or not?

Thats right, the magic number is 1,000,000

Now do you get why it is so vital that 1,000,000 signatures is reached? Do everything you can, share the link with your friends,family,employer..Whoever it takes, just get them to add their name to this petition.

The petitions goal.... to get 1,000,000 signatures to stop the killing of 1 million dogs in Romania and all European countries. These signatures will be sent to the European Commission to stop the extermination of stray dogs in Romania and other member states of the EU.(Now you understand why this petition is targeting the European Commission rather than the Romanian Government)

This collection of signatures will help save the Romanian animals and many other animals in the same situation in other EU member countries. This petition will serve as a warning to those who are on the waiting list for entry.
Now....what are you waiting for? Sign this petition and get as many people as possible to do the same.

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